Lambskin Girth Strap Cover universal

Girth Strap Cover w. Velcro fastener

Girth Strap Cover w. Velcro fastener

Quilted fabric and lambskin: Quality and durability guaranteed

Its straight cut with variable width and a cutout for a martingale are what make this long girth cover really stand out. The materials we use include our tried and tested quilted fabric and super premium quality lambskin.


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Lambskin Girth Strap Cover universal
Lambskin Girth Strap Cover universal

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    We’ll make your product to suit your unique wishes

    The girth cover is available in a range of lengths, in 5 cm increments between 70 cm and 90 cm. The width of the centre section can be adjusted to a maximum of 14 cm. Pick the colour of the quilted fabric and the lambskin to suit your personal tastes, MATTES has more than 30 impressive shades across the whole colour spectrum for you to choose from.

    When ordering, please use the measurement from one end of the girth to the other, excluding the buckle straps, to choose the right length.

    Quilted fabric colours

    Lambskin colours

    Under certain circumstances, dark or brightly coloured lambskin may discolour your horse's hair or other materials due to the horse’s sweat or the use of unsuitable detergents.

    Strongly coloured leather such as saddles etc. may also leave stains.

    MATTES® lambskin items should be washed frequently. Correct care and washing (see MATTES® special MELP detergent) is very important and will provide you with many more years of enjoyment from your product.

    Download washing instructions (PDF, 53 KB)